Liberia is suffering from much more than the worldwide pandemic – political unrest, poverty, severe hunger and deplorable health have devastated the population and left thousands of families hungry and without better livelihoods.


Growing up in poverty, children in Liberia face tough challenges and Mission of Mercy Outreach Ministries Inc is determined to build a Residential Children Home for orphans and other severely at-risk children that will provide love and care in family-like settings as well as Christian trainings for these children, meeting their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We also focused on healing, restoring hope to broken families, transforming and connecting people and communities to fight and put an end to poverty in their lives. Working together, we invest in the lives of children and youth, build the healthy environments they need to thrive, and empower them to create lasting change in their own lives and communities.

We are working through our local church leaders to provide sponsorship for orphans an less fortunate. We believe that through the blessing of child sponsorship, vulnerable and forgotten children in Liberia will receive loving, holistic care and a quality education, helping them to break the bondage of hunger, abuse, and exploitation. Best of all, they will have the opportunity to know and trust Jesus Christ and follow Him.


Imperative to our Mission, we are  collecting relief items for hospitals, schools and orphanage in Liberia.

As you might imagine, our beneficiaries would greatly appreciate any assistance, but below we have

listed the most requested items to help provide guidance  :

1. New or Second hand Clothes & shoes

2. Non perishable food

3. Back packs

4. computers /iPad/kindles/eReader

5. Sewing machine

6. Health equipment

7. Notebooks , pencils, crayons, etc

8. Chairs

9. Hospital Beds

10. PA System

11. Video Camera

12. Musical instruments

13. Disabled armed chairs

14. Personal care hygiene kits

15. Nose Mask

16. Donations for Uniforms and shoes. $50 provides two uniforms and a pair of shoes for a child


 Your support during this vulnerable time helps children, youth and families to set their own goals to build a life free from poverty.

How you can help


  • New supplies: If you have unused supplies at home, school, or work, please feel free to send these to us directly. 

  • Send us supplies to our address:

        1015 North Combee Road,Lakeland,FLA.33801

  • Used supplies: We welcome gently used supplies of all types. Recycling previously owned school supplies and office items is a great way to help others while being kind to our environment.

  • Branded Items: To the extent, you have used or unused branded items from the list above, we wholeheartedly accept these donations as well. 

  • Monetary support: The core of this effort remains to provide  assorted relief items to supply schools, hospitals and orphanage, but in order to ship these materials to our mission  in Liberia, we incur significant shipping costs, coming to as much as $50 per box.  As a result, we warmly welcome your financial donation that will cover the cost of shipping your donated item(s) to Liberia. This will helps us speedily place the item(s) into the hands of the beneficiaries. Donations towards shipping can be sent by check, money order, or make online donation.