Poverty alleviation and sustainable livelihood


Almost one in four Africans is hungry: At 23.2%, the population of Africa has the highest rate of under-nourished people. A total of 233 million people is affected by hunger and every third child in Africa suffers from the effects of malnutrition; (e.g. Under growth inhibitions or mental underdevelopment).

According to the World Bank estimates, 47 to 50% of the total population live below the poverty level. This region is thus the poorest region in the world.

The causes of the hunger are multifaceted: Environmental disasters, war, the effects of climate change, a rapidly growing population, public debt or diseases such as AIDS and malaria.

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Child Hunger
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Children are particularly affected by the hunger crisis in Africa.

In Liberia , 2-year-old Esther has lived with the pain of hunger every day of his young life. The few spoonfuls of boiled leaves and watery broth is not enough to fill the constant ache in his empty belly. But it is all his mother had to give.


Lacking food for her children is a constant source of sorrow for Kebbeh, who tries the best she can to survive from one day to the next. “I can’t feed my babies,” Kebbeh said. “I want to cry all the time.”