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Mission of Mercy Outreach Inc. provides life changing resources such  food,clothing,personal care items, equal opportunities for children and referrals for housing,utilities and medical assistance to the poor marginalized and forgotten while passionately sharing the unconditional love and compassion of Jesus in words and deeds.

We work to transform and heal communities dealing with poverty, disaster and crisis. Our Volunteers, donors, churches and Christian leaders bring hope to children and families struggling with addiction, incarceration, illness and abuses


Unprecedented in scale, COVID-19 has poses threats to children’s rights to survival, development, learning, protection, and to be heard. Unless mitigated, the pandemic risks undermining progress made on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and puts an entire generation of children at risk of not fulfilling their potential. Mission of Mercy is ensuring that children and their families can have meals, and they support they to be stay safe


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  • Zero Hunger Project
    1월 02일 (월)
    Location is TBD
    2023년 1월 02일 오후 7:00
    Location is TBD
  • Medical Outreach to Liberia
    2월 04일 (토)
    1015 North Combee Road Lakeland,Florida
    2023년 2월 04일 오후 7:00
    1015 North Combee Road Lakeland,Florida , 1015 North Combee Road Lakeland,Florida
  • Community Outreach Mission
    3월 06일 (월)
    1015 North Combee Road Lakeland,Florida 338
    2023년 3월 06일 오후 8:00
    1015 North Combee Road Lakeland,Florida 338
    Join our community Outreach team to engage, inspire and transform lives of the most vulnerable and poor in Florida. We serve meals and personal care items to those in need and we join hands of prayer with them and teach them the words of God. It is a wonderful experience you won't love to miss!

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